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50% Off - Twizted Fire Starter Bracelet and Dragon Fire Stick Combo

Get 50% Off the awesome bushcrafter bracelet and telescopic dragon fire stick "Twizted Fire Starter Bracelet and Dragon Fire Stick" combo


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Now £9.99

Bushcraft Essential

Anyone who wants to easy everyday carry for you fire's ignition systemcreate a snare, build a shelter or secure your kit with 8ft of premium para cord, or manage and revive any fire with targeted air through.

Here's What You Get:

You get mini ferrous rod for creating hot sparks for ignition.

You get a striker clasp with serrated edges .

You get 8ft of premium paracord.

You get a lightweight telescopic tube for easy application of directed air to revive any flagging fire.

You get all lightweight, every day carry essentials for any bushcrafter or survival expert.

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Was £19.99

Now £9.99