October 29

I Messed Up Lighting My Fire!


I Messed Up Lighting My Fire!

I know, I know. It's shocking. But, even a manly outdoorsman like me can make a mistake every once in a while... Hard to believe, but I captured it on video. It's a helpful mistake for you to see, because it's a really easy one to make.

WHY Can't I Start This Fire?!

I thought I knew how to start a fire by now. Kindling? Check. Feather sticks? Check. Fire steel? Check. Getting it to catch fire? Struggle. (You're welcome for sparing you the 5 minutes of repeated failure.)

  • 00:00 - *Trying* to start the fire with feather sticks and fire steel.
  • 00:40 - *Struggling* to get anything to catch fire... for several minutes.
  • 01:03 - Here's a quick look at my eventual success - can you spot where I went wrong the first time?

Found My Mistake!

Despite lighting hundreds of fires before, one little mistake can throw everything awry. Maybe it was the camera adding pressure to the moment, but I forgot to put the feather sticks down before the kindling. Rookie mistake. 

  • 01:40 -  Duh! Feather sticks first, then the kindling.  
  • 01:55 - Let's try this again with the correct order. 


Easy mistake makes for an easy solution. Feather sticks, then kindling, then fire!

  • 02:30 - Man harnesses nature (and his dumb mistake). Result? A successfully lit, Monty-approved fire.   

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