November 16

How To Tie a Clove Hitch (easily)


The Clove Hitch Step-By-Step

The clove hitch is a simple clever knot. The more tension it gets put under the more it tightens on it's self. Here's how to tie it.

Step 1  - Make a loop

Right over left to make the first loop.

Make sure you have enough of tag to tie off with if you are using this knot to start off a lashing.

Step 2  - Make a second loop

Again right over left.

The second loop should be about the same size as the first.

Step 3 - Put the 2nd loop behind the first.

Pass the second loop behind the first.

Take care not to twist the loop over but to simply pass the loop behind the first.

Step 4 - Put both loops over the item to be bound

Keep the loops close and tidy

Click on the picture for a closer look. Notice how as you pull tighter the end going over the other two will grip the other parts tighter.

You may also want to check out this clear video tutorial on YouTube. This knot is my go to when doing square lashings or creating a tripod.

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