November 18

A Surprising Hack for a Solid Tripod Lashing


How To Lash a Tripod Together

Need a solid frame for a shelter? make a tripod.

Need to hang your cooking pot over a fire? Make a tripod.

Want more comfort around camp? Make a chair with a tripod.

Being able to lash together a solid tripod is an under rated skill. Here's how to lash together a self tightening knot to make your solid tripod.

You will need:

  1. A length of paracord - approx. 1 meter in length depending on the thickness of the poles you use.
  2. X3 straight poles of approximately equal thickness.

Step 1 - Clove Hitch

Tie a clove hitch 2 to 3 inches down the first pole.

For a detailed explanation of how to tie a clove hitch see "How To Tie a Clove Hitch" .

It's worth learning this knot by heart as it is useful in many circumstances.

Step 3 - Weave the running line around the poles

Weave the running line between the poles at least 3 times each, 4 or 5 is ideal depending on access to cordage.

It's tempting to try and pull really tight as you would in other forms of lashing but you don't need to. In fact being a little lose makes the process easier. 

Step 4 - Tie off with an overhand knot

Use a simple overhand knot to tie off the lashing.

Make sure this knot is secure and tight. When you are happy with the end result the remaining lengths of string can be cut and brunt off to avoid fraying.

Step 5 - Lift the middle pole over

This is where all the magic happens. Lifting the pole over twists the lashing pulling it very tight.

If you find the knot isn't tight then undo this overhand knot and pull the lashing a little tighter and re-do the pole. This should if done correctly pull everything in tight and create a strong stable tripod.

Step 6  - Spread the poles for stability

Spread the poles apart in a triangular fashion to create a strong structure.

Tripods like this can be used in so many ways. It's ideal for shelters, cooking structures, chairs to name but a few.

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