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Take the 7 day bushcraft challenge. Learn or practice 7 new bushcraft skills and make your outdoor adventures just that little bit more fun!

FIRE Lighting

Discover the secrets of fire lighting

There is something magical, almost mesmerising about sitting around a camp fire. But a camp fire is more than just fun. It's a critical  skill to live and thrive out in the wild. 

If you want to improve your fire lighting skills, this section is for you!

Fire lighting tools

From matches to bow drills and everything in between.


From fluffy seeds to wax paper there are so many types of tinder. You never know where it maybe hiding!

Fire pits, reflectors and other cool stuff

Get more from your fire by creating reflectors, cooking tripods or even hot rocks.

The art of building a warm brush shelter 

Getting out the elements and staying warm and dry is a top priority if you want to thrive out in the wild. In this section of the site we focus on different types of 'home' from tents, tarps to brush shelters.


Outdoor Cooking

Feeling hungry? It's amazing what delicious food you can cook out in the wild. Discover how to make sugar bread or potato fritters.

We also cover some things you can do to make your cooking life easier so you can spend more time enjoying eating rather than cleaning!

Gear reviews and our shop!

It seems that every interest has it's own kit. Bushcraft and survival is no different. We try out various bits of innovative kit to see if they live up to the hype.

And those that do can be found in our shop.

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