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1 Day Woodland Bushcraft Skills Course



Ever wanted to know how to light a fire without matches? Or build a waterproof shelter just from what you find in the woods? Then the one day Woodland Bushcraft Skills Day is for you…

Due to our modern busy lives, many of us have forgotten the ancient skills our forebears took for granted. While we may no longer need those skills to survive, the allure of unplugging and being able to live off the land persists.

I can’t promise that you will know everything to be able to live off the land in one day, heck I’m not sure I could manage it … yet. No, this course is aimed at teaching you some of the core skills you would need to live and thrive in the wild.

By the end of the course, you will know how to …

  • Find and prepare wood for a fire, even if it’s been raining for weeks!
  • Light a fire without matches.
  • Build a natural waterproof shelter
  • How to purify water to make it safe to drink.
  • And a whole lot more…

After completing the Bushcraft and Survival Skills Day, you’ll see the forest in a new light. You’ll see shelter-building materials rather than just branches. You’ll find yourself collecting tinder in case you need to light a fire and much more.

You’ll be ready for your next adventure.


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